Chart of the Venus Transit
June 8, 2004

by Anthony J. McGettigan


Venus Crosses the Sun

Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun on the morning of June 8th, 2004. Venus makes this passage about once every 18 months. This particulars of this event are rare because on this passage Venus will actually cross the disk of the Sun as the two bodies make their conjunction. This event occurs in a cycle that repeats in periods lasting alternately 113.5 and 129.5 years. The Venus transit happens twice during this cycle--on the first and eighth years. In other words, this rare event will happen again in 2012 (June 5, to be exact), and then not again for more than a century.


Chart for June 8, 2004

At the moment of Venus's exact conjunction with the Sun (18 Gemini), these two bodies will be nearly opposite to Pluto (21 Sagittarius) in the sky. At the same moment, they will be nearly square with the Moon and Uranus in Pisces and with Jupiter in Virgo. The conjunction is also closely trined by Neptune (15 Aquarius).


The opposition with Pluto and the squares with Moon/Uranus and Jupiter together roughly form a grand square. This formation is symbolically similar to the shape of the Christian cross, the Medicine Wheel of many indigenous cultures, or simply that of a crossroads or 4-way intersection. This configuration is a metaphor for a moment of challenges and choices. We have the opportunity to either continue on with old patterns, old priorities, and business as usual, or we could decide to turn from our old habits based on the wisdom of our own experience. Neptune's position favors the help of dreams and visions. Saturn still roughly trines Uranus symbolizing a moment of great innovation and discovery.


This configuration of a cross is resonant with the pattern formed by the passage of two comets currently passing close to our planet. It is both synchronistic and fortuitous to have two rare celestial events simultaneously directing our attention in similar fashion. Those who heed the signs are sure to benefit through their attentiveness.


This is a strong time for reflection. It is a day when the energy of love and the radiance of life magnify each other. It is a good time for prayers and for seeking guidance. These two events mark a time that is good for taking note of what is being revealed both within and all around. This is a time for examining our priorities and choices. It is a moment when purpose and destiny may become clearly known.




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