A Mercury Retrograde to Remember
Sun Conjunct Saturn with Venus Conjunct Regulus (June 23, 2005)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

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Mercury Swings Back toward the Sun

When Mercury turns back toward the Sun it appears to be moving backward in the sky relative to the motion of the Sun. This movement is called retrograde motion. The moment when Mercury's forward movement appears to stop it is said to be "stationing" or starting it's backward motion. Mercury will station on July 22 at approximately 8:00 PM PDT. The image below depicts the event astrologically.

(Note: Mercury will conjoin the Sun on August 5th. Mercury will shift back to direct motion on August 15th, 2005.)




What makes this event unusual is that just as Mercury stations, the Sun is conjuncting Saturn and Venus will be conjuncting Regulus (the brightest star in the Leo constellation). Regulus is also known as Cor Leonis, literally the heart of the lion.


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Sun and Saturn

On Saturday, July 23 (2005) at 10:00 AM PDT the Sun and Saturn will be exactly aligned. This event happens once a year. This year the Sun and Saturn will conjoin just as Saturn is making its transition between the signs Cancer and Leo. Saturn changes signs every 2.5 years (Saturn makes one orbit of the Sun in approximately 29.5 years).


Venus and Regulus

From our point of view, Venus and Regulus come together approximately once a year. However, it happens in the evening sky only every other year. Venus is currently bright enough to be seen soon after sunset. But because it is only 30 degrees ahead of the sun the stars of Leo are difficult to see with the naked eye.



This event is one that focuses attention on the radiant potentials of life and awareness. It accentuates the relationship between ecstasy and our ordinary experience. It speaks to us about the rewards of seeing what is present but not obvious. It speaks of the communion that exists within our beings and that which joins us with everything else that lives. This is a moment not only for prayer, but also for the joy of unexpected laughter.


Blessings for your journey during this Mercury retrograde.



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