New Moon Celestial Alignment (Feb 8, 2005)

by Anthony J. McGettigan



A Party in the Sky

On February 8th, 2005 at 2:28 PM (PST) a new moon (moon conjunct the sun) happened in the sign Aquarius. Although the moon conjuncts the sun once a year in Aquarius, this particular alignment was fairly unusual because the moon and sun were joined by four planets (Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus) and two asteroids (Chiron and Juno).


The alignment is not exact. It spreads from Chiron's position at 29 degrees Capricorn to Uranus at roughly 6 degrees Pisces. Most of the bodies are in Aquarius. Aquarius is the astrological sign most closely associated with innovation, sudden discoveries and insights. Aquarius is also strongly associated with friends, community, and collaboration.


The presence of Chiron and Uranus at the outer boundaries of the formation strongly suggest that innovations or insights discovered at this time may lead toward the healing of old wounds. This seems very resonant with recent developments with Israeli and Palestinian leaders beginning new peace negotiations.


Mercury and Neptune are closely aligned suggesting that imagination may be inspired or enhanced. Jupiter also trines Neptune, Mercury, Moon, and Sun suggesting the availability of needed resources and perhaps more than a bit of joyous laughter.


Happy New Year of the Rooster!


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Depiction of the Feb. 8, 2005 New Moon alignment

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