August Full Moon
(Sun & Saturn Opposing Moon & Neptune August 9, 2006)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

Chart for August 9th Full Moon

Full Moon Alignment

A very interesting full moon. The sun is together with Saturn and the moon is closely aligned with Neptune. One effect of this arrangement is that we can expect intuition, dreams, and possibly visions (Moon and Neptune) to give us insight about how to make better choices about the dominant direction we’ve been heading (Saturn and the Sun). If we’re not paying attention we can expect erosion and slippage with the foundations and bedrock of our current situation. If we are available to it this situation will also provide us great opportunities for inspiration.

Saturn and Neptune

The main dynamic in this situation, Saturn opposing Neptune, only happens once every 35 years. This opposition will be active for the next 11 months. It will be exact on 3 days: August 31 (2006), February 28 and June 25 (2007).



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