Blue Moon Conjunct Antares & Jupiter
(May 31, 2007)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

May 31 Full Moon
(image created using Starry Night software

Full Moon Alignment

The full moon for May 31, 2007 (exact on Thurs evening 6:04 pm PDT) is a blue moon (the second full moon in the same calendar month). This full moon will conjoin Jupiter (5 degrees behind Jupiter), however, it will align with the heart of the Scorpion (Antares) at the exact hour.

The inner light shines deep
Abundance springs full from the heart of heaven
Vitality renews in the waters of life
A resonance rich with the power of blessing

Blessings for your Full Moon Journey.


Developing events:

Saturn is approaching it's final exact opposition with Neptune. This event will happen close to the time of the summer solstice. Check back for more details on this and other approaching celestial events.




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