The Roar of God's Lion
Eight Heavenly Bodies Align with Regulus (June, July, August 2007)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

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Venus & Saturn

After her conjunction with the Sun, in late October 2006, Venus made a spectacular climb through the heavens toward an exact alignment with Saturn and Regulus shortly before turning retrograde. For avid skywatchers, this was a great daily opportunity to observe the relative motion of both the fastest and slowest of the visible planets. The spectacle was most prominent in the days surrounding the Summer Solstice, when Saturn was making it's last exact opposition with Neptune.

Venus Conjuncting Saturn (exact on July 1, 2007)
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Because Venus begins her retrograde motion so soon after conjoining Saturn, Venus is still very close to Saturn and Regulus at the time of the Sun's nearing in mid-August. Venus' long approach to Saturn (immediately followed by her stationing with Regulus) serves as a beacon highlighting the importance of this celestial event.


The Roar of God's Lion

Every year, as the Sun begins his pass through the Leo constellation, the Sun closely aligns with the star known as Regulus, or Cor Leonis (literally, heart of the lion). In 2007--just as the Sun approaches Regulus--Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon will also be close at hand.

New Moon in Leo (August 12, 2007)
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At the time of the New Moon in Leo (August 12, 4:02 p.m. PDT) Neptune and Chiron are also already lined up on the opposite side of the Earth--bringing a total of nine heavenly bodies into alignment within an arc of 15 degrees. This is an amazingly tight alignment for such a great number of celestial objects.


Throughout this alignment Saturn, Venus, Sun, Mercury, and Moon are also trined by Pluto in Sagittarrius. This aspect adds great energy to the event, especially considering the fact that Pluto is presently conjunct with the Galactic Center for the first time in roughly 250 years.

Pluto's exact trine alignments are as follows: Venus on July 8 (followed by August 15 [retrograde] and October 3), Saturn on August 6, Moon on August 13, Mercury on August 17, and Sun on August 19. The Sun's exact alignment with Regulus occurs on August 22.

Leo, like Sagittarrius, is a fire sign. Fire brings the energy of transmutation. Saturn brings the energy of structure and karma. Pluto brings regeneration and renewal. Venus brings truth and love. Mercury brings awareness and communication. The New Moon brings initiation and the opportunity for gratitude. The Sun brings radiance and the power to bless. Neptune brings vision and consciousness. Regulus adds nobility and strength of expression. Chiron brings healing and transcendence.

For all who have heart to know, the heavens are speaking loudly and directly. Those who attend to the beauty and thriving of the living world are beings who magnify the bliss of all. They embody the energy of God's Lion and walk the path of radiant ecstasy. Blessed are you who are living. Blessed again are you who know the abundance of everywhere you tread.

When we behold any beauty
When that beauty touches our depths
There is a connection--a communion
Between what is most essential and perfect
Within and without

That awakening, though momentary
Causes a radiation of appreciation
A movement of love

Then for at least one instant
We know how deeply we are blessed
Our recognition, our gratitude, our radiant joy
Are a blessing in return

Magnifying the light and life of all

May blessedness shine ever brighter within you and in all that surrounds you.


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