Aquarian Equinox: Sun with Uranus (Mar 19-21, 2011)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer

Equinox Sun aligned with Uranus (March 20, 2011)
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Aquarian Equinox

For the first time in 84 years, Uranus has moved into Aries (March 11, 2011). This begins a new cycle of human discovery. It is a time of new insight and a time for humanity to express a new and more brilliant intelligence.

The Sun catches up with Uranus this year on March 20, the date of the equinox. When I asked Tiger Windwalker about his impression of this alignment, he said, "More than any other single event, this conjunction marks the beginning of the age of Aquarius."

The alignment of the equinox Sun with Uranus is highly exact, within 31 minutes of arc (about half of one degree). There won't be another Sun-Uranus-equinox alignment with greater precision until March 20, 2262.

This equinox is bracketed by two other significant alignments. Full Moon is exact at 11:10 am Pacific Daylight time on March 19. Some have referred to this as a SuperMoon because it happens when the Moon is at the point where it is closest to Earth in its orbit. This adds significantly to the energy of the weekend. The equinox is followed by the exact alignment of Sun and Uranus happening at 5:25 am Pacific Daylight time on March 21.

Saturn-Spica-Venus-Comet Elenin alignment (September 20, 2011)
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Although Uranus' re-entry into Aries is distinguished by the 9.0 Earthquake near Japan, this equinox alignment is both a propitious doorway and a herald of other important alignments. At the time of the equinox, the Full Moon is aligned with Saturn, highlighting his last exact opposition with Jupiter in the current 20 year cycle. This marks a significant point of transition.

Saturn is currently preparing for his alignment with Spica. Spica is the brightest star in the Virgo constellation. In ancient times, this constellation was recognized as the Goddess. Her brightest star, Spica, is depicted to this day as a sheaf of wheat held in Her hand. Spica is said to symbolize "the gift of the Goddess." Synchronistically, just as the Saturn-Spica alignment is taking shape (at the time of the 2011 September equinox) Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) passes between Venus and Saturn aligned with the path of the Sun and Spica.


attention is our Power to Bless
the Mother's attending Nurtures our growing
the People's attending Shapes a society
the Stars attend and We Bloom
is the Opposable Thumb of consciousness
it is Time We Take Hold
and Shine

Immense potentials are inherent and emerging within us. These potentials exist both at the individual and collective levels. The equinox Sun with Uranus speaks of a new brilliance being expressed through humanity--new abundance, new freedom, new consciousness. Saturn's alignment with Venus, Sun, Comet Elenin, and Spica speak powerfully of a new path, a new discipline, a new way of attending that allows us to manifest anew the gift of the Goddess. Our Mother loves us all. She is the source of every beautiful and good thing. She is holding out her hand and treasure. She asks only that we receive.

Equinox Blessings!

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