Solstice Squares and Synergy (June 20, 2016)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer




Solstice Configuration (June 20, 2016)

In every place we stand, in every location we can be, there is an infinite range of possibilities emerging. Being more conscious of that energy moving through our immediate experience provides us with insight. Insight into how we are synergistic with everything that's going on. Energetic awareness is physical awareness, or sensation. We're not talking about anything way out there. We're just talking about physical sensation.

When you see the chart for the 2016 June solstice you'll probably notice the big Grand Square. We have Saturn opposing Mercury, square to Neptune opposing Jupiter. There is also a full moon, and the Moon is in a wide conjunction with Pluto.

The big Grand Square is kind of ominous. I don't want to make light of this alignment. In some ways the alignment of these planets resonates with disappointment, disillusionment, disconnection, coercion, repression, and brokenness.

However, there is more. The solstice Sun is conjunct Venus. Together these two elevate nurturing, compassion, and connectedness. Fortunately, Venus is also in a tight quintile with Jupiter and the north node. This is a positive synergy for Jupiter. The relationship of these planets is further enhanced by Uranus which is within 2 degrees of a bi-quintile with Jupiter. The quintile (72 degree) and bi-quintile
(144 degree) angles have strong resonance with Venus. The collective effect of Uranus Sun Venus Jupiter -- although subtler than the effects of the Grand Square -- is still powerfully significant, especially for Jupiter and the north node. Together these four planets resonate with awakening and ecstasy.

So with all this going on, how do we make sense of anything?

Well, not by thinking about it.

In this Grand Square, Mercury is fully engulfed, and potentially overwhelmed. Mercury is certainly not working optimally under this alignment. So with the mind overwhelmed, where can we focus?

We can focus on the center of being. It might surprise some of us to realize that the mind is not the center of being. In this situation, with the mind so adversely impacted, the heart again must be our guide. But this is not a complicated affair. The awareness and guidance of the heart is closer than hands and feet. It is found directly and immediately in our physical sensations. Awareness of the heart is the awareness of the body.

This solstice configuration is emphasizing awareness of everything that appears to be broken, worn out, and not working. Simultaneously, it points our attention to what is new and alive, being born right now, in the heart of every circumstance.

Additionally, Pluto is forming an exact trine with Jupiter and the north node. Pluto adds the synergy of infinite celestial power. This power is something inherent and always available. It's gift comes to us here -- where we are now. In every place we stand, in every location we can be.

Solstice Blessings.

AJ McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer

PS: Special Solstice prayer request for my sister-in-law, Laurie Haut, who is currently healing a case of advanced cancer. Laurie and my 9 year old nephew, Logan, are greatly in need of prayers and support. My deep thanks for any and all help you can provide. Here is a link to Laurie's GoFundMe site, if you're able to make a donation:


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