Equinox Gateway (September 22, 2016)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer

Equinox Grand Square (September 22, 2016)

There are times we stand in the midst of a miracle, and yet we don’t see it. Maybe we are just too distracted and busy to behold what’s going on around us. That happens often these days. We live in a busy way. It goes with our busy world.

During this equinox we have some challenging aspects and we have some very graceful aspects. The challenging aspects are reminiscent of our recent June solstice. The September alignment includes another grand square. Let’s talk about that in a minute.

The graceful parts of the configuration highlight an opportunity. However, it’s an opportunity that will be missed easily if we get too focused on our difficulties. Being persistently focused on our difficulties is one of the ways that we get very distracted, even obsessed.

The grand square in this chart includes an opposition between Mercury and Neptune. This opposition is also closely aligned with the nodes of the Moon. Mercury is with the north node. Neptune is with the south node.  The north node connects with new and emerging trends in experience. The south node resonates with former trends, past experience and mastery. On one end of the spectrum, this opposition can bring perspectives so narrow as to be out of touch with reality, or assumptions based on old understandings or faulty imagination. There can be mental confusion. However, in its larger dimensions, the opposition resonates with new capacities for communication and navigation. Pluto’s exact trine with Mercury energizes the relationship and infuses it with a transformational quality. Attentiveness and surrender are essential keys for this set of aspects.

The other half of the grand square is an opposition of Saturn and the Moon. The influence of this dyad is potentially polarizing and oppressive. However, the opposition may also convey insights about the workings and interactions of the inner and outer worlds. There is a potential to see beyond illusions of structure and limitation. The Moon’s sensitivity and inward focus are key elements in this dynamic.



The Moon is also forming a mystic rectangle with Uranus, Mars, and Venus. The impact of this configuration amplifies opportunities and discoveries. The Uranus-Mars trine favors bold actions. The Moon-Venus trine infuses cooperation. Intention, attraction, intuitive brilliance and instinct are all working well together.

You can probably tell that the Moon-Uranus-Mars-Venus pattern is one of the graceful aspects I mentioned earlier. There happens to be another very significant aspect I sense as graceful – the Sun-Jupiter conjunction within 3 degrees. The closeness of this conjunction is rare. The September equinox Sun and Jupiter will not be this close again until 2087. Key connections here are curiosity, generosity and spiritual blessings. There are some adverse potentials with Sun-Jupiter for overindulgence, but these can be managed with the practice of moderation. Given that the conjunction is in Libra, balance is highly favored.

Gracefulness is something that can be sensed and felt. It is expressed in every living pattern and cycle. Day and night, new moon - full moon, waking and dreaming, breathing. Each cycle has its own quality. Consciousness is the medium in which grace makes itself recognizable. All celestial relationships have graceful potentials. Every experience is a gateway to consciousness.

There are times we stand in the midst of a miracle, and we don’t see it. There are also times when we do.

Equinox Blessings

AJ McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer

PS: I'd fI'd like to express my thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my sister-in-law, Laurie Haut. Laurie's healing is going quite well. She still needs some support, but thankfully she's doing very well. Here is a link to Laurie's GoFundMe site, if you're able to make a donation: https://www.gofundme.com/27r7rbrk

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