Equinox: Notice What You Notice
(March 20, 2017)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer


Equinox Configuration (March 20, 2017)

Sometimes the smallest thing makes all the difference.

Small celestial objects are important. Pluto is an example. It was once identified as our ninth planet, but because of its small diameter it was eventually demoted to the category we now call dwarf planets. But small things are often significant. Most sky watchers would probably agree, especially the astrologers.

Attentiveness matters. Attention to details, yes, that’s important. But mostly I’m just recommending that we pay attention to attention. Notice what you notice. It’s a small thing, but it has a big impact.

Small things are very important in the alignments for this equinox. Several asteroids hold very significant positions in the chart. We’ll talk more about these as we go along.

Jupiter is currently opposing Uranus. This opposition started with our most recent solstice. This opposition tells us that we are at a turning point in a cycle of awakening. Jupiter is spending most of 2017 perfectly balanced with Uranus. This is like the full moon time in the Uranus Jupiter cycle. Their cycle lasts 14 years between conjunctions – and currently for about a year, growth and consciousness are perfectly balanced in opposition, with all of us together right between them.

Pluto is making a T-square with the Uranus-Jupiter opposition. This adds energy and stress. The Pluto square is enhanced by a conjunction with the asteroid Juno. Also, the asteroid Vesta is in a near exact opposition with Pluto, shifting the alignment into a grand square.

This equinox has a very striking moon placement. The Moon is together with Saturn and an asteroid called Pholus. All three of them are together right next to the Galactic Center.

This hits me strongly because I’ve been watching the Moon’s interactions with transiting Saturn for several years. These Moon-Saturn moments often come with insights and intuition about the nature of materiality and limitations. This equinox brings an excellent opportunity to see beyond the false dominance of structure.

Moon Saturn Pholus are forming a trine with Uranus. (Uranus is also conjunct with another asteroid called Eris.) Pholus is a catalyst – delivering an unexpected gift. A spark from the heart of our galaxy. Eris is a whistleblower – one who loves to uncover deception.

Interestingly, the last time we had Uranus in a waning trine with Saturn was 1972-73. That was the timeframe of President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Uranus and Jupiter in opposition can indicate rebellion against the status quo. It also brings innovation into all levels of experience. Chaotic patterns are possible. However, grace is also more obvious and accessible.

The graceful potentials for this equinox alignment are numerous. We can see them all around us, whenever we let go of our distractions.

Juno with Pluto brings blessings through devoted commitment to the truth of being. Pluto quintiles Sun conjunct Venus amplifying the transformative potential in everything we attract.

Wisdom gained through experiences of healing (Chiron with Pallas) builds the foundation for trust in the divine fire that burns inside each of us (Vesta).

Attentiveness sparks awakening
Witness to being, magnetic with light
Gifts of existence abound

The placement of the planets and asteroids. The Galactic Center. The Moon, the Sun. Mars with Ceres.  Jupiter with Spica. Isis conjunct the Moon's north node. Such emanations infuse the landscape of our adventures.

Notice what you notice – and remember that the smallest things make all the difference.

Blessings of being in all.


AJ McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer


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