Eclipse of the Waking Lion (August 21, 2017)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer


Eclipse configuration (August 21, 2017)

Celestial events don’t cause terrestrial events.  However, terrestrial events continually correlate and resonate with celestial events.

Each of us has a different experience of our shared circumstances.  Just as we all share the same sky, we are presently together in the midst of a very significant sequence of celestial events.

On August 21, 2017 we will experience a total eclipse of the sun.  The shadow of the eclipse will fall across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina.  For those directly in the shadow of the eclipse they will experience up to about two minutes of total darkness.

This Heart-of-the-Lion eclipse is a rare event in its geographic arrangement, but also in its celestial arrangement.  The eclipse aligns Sun (expression, radiance) and Moon (rhythm, fluidity) and the moon’s north node (emerging trends) also with Regulus and Isis.  Isis brings the goddess energy.  For this event, Isis is positioned within 1.5 degrees of Regulus.

The ancient Persians saw Regulus as a royal star, one of the Four Guardians of Heaven.  For me, Regulus connects most strongly as the brightest star of the Leo constellation.  This star literally holds the position of the heart of a heavenly lion.  Regulus is one degree from the Moon and Sun at the time of the eclipse.

Jupiter contributes to the alignment in multiple ways.  Jupiter (expansion, growth) is sextile (60 degrees) to Mars (intention, personal will).  Jupiter is located in the Goddess constellation (also known as Virgo), in proximity with the star Spica (the Gift of the Goddess).  Jupiter’s exact 52 degree angle to the eclipse adds favorable intensity.

Also in strong alignment with the eclipse conjunction are Uranus (discovery, awakening) and Saturn (structure, rigidity).  These two planets are forming a grand trine (three items, all 120 degrees apart) with the eclipse.

This grand trine aligned with the eclipse is full of harmonious synergy.  This configuration calls my attention to an awareness of balance.  All the key planets in this grand trine are located in the last ten degrees of the fire signs.  This is the type of balance that arises through the connectedness of spirit, the unity of being.

This isn’t to say that we can immediately re-balance everything that is currently unbalanced in our circumstances.  However, it powerfully supports us in recognizing the deepest foundation of balance that we may re-discover and rest upon.

We are emerging from a circumstance where Pluto and Uranus were interacting at a 90-degree angle.  Uranus was square to Pluto from 2010 to 2017.  Pluto in Capricorn can feel oppressive; whereas, Uranus in Aries brings an intense readiness for new realizations.

This eclipse comes as we are in the midst of shifting into a new celestial circumstance—one not dominated by an influence as heavy as Pluto squaring Uranus.

Venus (vitality, attraction), Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus are actually forming an approximate grand square (four objects, all 90 degrees apart) during the eclipse.  However, their configuration is ameliorated not only by the eclipse grand trine, but also by Venus’ trine with Chiron.  The Venus-Chiron trine calls forth the universal connector of love as the bridge to healing and wholeness.

Interestingly, as we begin to experience our new set of celestial influences we also enter a new seven-year sequence that is bounded by two total solar eclipses.  Both of these fall across the continental United States.  The second eclipse will happen in April of 2024.

That time frame, 2017-2024 also highlights the current cycle of Uranus and Jupiter.  With the 2017 September equinox, we experience the last exact opposition of Uranus and Jupiter in their current cycle.  Uranus meets with Jupiter every fourteen years.  Their previous conjunction was in June of 2010 at 0 degrees of Aries.

Uranus and Jupiter specifically resonate with cycles of human discovery and awakening.  And even if we awaken only to the deeper dimensions of our own experience, in that alone we are overwhelmingly blest.

In this new seven-year time frame we are being ignited with the energy of a great discovery.  We are becoming ever more attentive, and ever more aware.  What previously was a barrier now becomes a gateway.

My personal experiences with the annual Sun-Regulus conjunction began in 1996. That event delivered a great revelation. Since that moment I knew many other significant revelations would happen in connection with this beautiful annual alignment of our Sun and the heart of our celestial lion. In 1996, I discovered a personal connection with the lion. Now 21 years later, I behold the truth of that same connectedness with every individual. Each of us awakens in a unique way to our connectedness with all that is. This brings forth a realization of our individual capacity for healing and transformation. Thus we realize also humanity's collective potential for strength and goodness.

We cannot yet say what experiences we may find, or what dimensions may soon open to us, but we know already that such discoveries are immanent.

We are the lion
connected and one
all of God’s children
wake with the sun

Blessings of the Waking Lion are upon us all!


AJ McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer


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