Solstice Sun Combust Saturn (December 21, 2017)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer


Solstice configuration (December 21, 2017)


December 21, 2017 brings us the most exact conjunction between the solstice Sun and Saturn that we will experience for centuries.

Saturn hits zero degrees of Capricorn on December 19, thirty-six hours before the Sun. Saturn arrives in its home sign for the first time in 29 years just in time to be blessed by the combust sun.


Venus Sun Saturn all trine Uranus

Saturn so precisely aligned with the solstice tells us something about the new cycle we have just entered.

This is about a new experience. Saturn's energy is resonant with structure, with the situations through which experience occurs. This is what we refer to as circumstance. Experience is not defined by circumstance, even though circumstances often seem to dominate our experinces.

The proximity of the Sun illuminates and softens the impact of Saturn, diminishing the false dominance of circumstance in our experience.

Venus is also conjunct with the Sun and Saturn. All three are being trined by Uranus. Something is being triggered in this solstice - like a stroke of velvet lightning.

In the stillness we are being awakened.


Jupiter Trines Neptune

Jupiter is also now trining Neptune. Pluto happens to be at the center of the trine. So Pluto is near the middle of their arc and about 60 degrees to both.

This arrangement brings great energy for spiritual communion, visions, meaningful dreams, synchronicity, mystical experience, intuition and insight.

Attentiveness reveals a surging jubilant presence inside of everything - an abundance of grace known in joy flowing like a fountain.

This influence blesses the solstice as well as the new Saturn cycle. It is an energy full of potential for transformation and regeneration.

Jupiter is also conjunct with the asteroid Vesta - bringing the divine inner fire.



Beholding our experience more clearly not only reveals more details in our surroundings, it simultaneously reveals more of our own true nature. Clear vision is the foundation of all freedom. It is the essential beginning for any type of effective navigation.

Our new adventure has already begun. This is the time we have been waiting for. Here is the place where we find our life. Everything we do will unfold it.

Solstice blessings!

AJ McGettigan



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