Chapter 7:

The Rainbow Reveals a
Light of Many Colors

Our journey has shown us that all the experiences of life, even those which are most difficult, exist to serve some beneficial purpose, and each contains a very specific meaning. When allowed, any experience will reveal its appropriateness, and its message. When we open ourselves to receive any such revelation, we will see in the most concrete way the perfection and beauty of life. Seeing perfection in something, is to know its essence. To know the essence of any experience is to allow that experience to reflect what is most essential in ourselves. The more we discover of our own essence through every experience, the more completely we may live according to that essence. This is the basis for a life lived in Deep Freedom.

Every variation in the theme of human experience is like a ray of refracted light. The prism of Creation takes the essence of life and spreads it into the broad spectrum of every diverse experience. From that entire spectrum of possibilities each individual makes his or her selections, and directly according to those choices are one’s own circumstances made manifest. In the same way that the rainbow reveals many colors from a single beam of light, a person’s varied experiences reveal the true essence of existence that is contained in every different place and situation. It is each individual’s own unique piece of that same essence that fills all the dimensions of one’s heart. Every moment in one’s existence is that same essence in expression.

Freedom in its deepest form is a gift—a gift that is always being offered to you by your Larger Self. It is realized in the act of embracing the present moment and whatever experience is contained there. The way in which you receive and participate in each moment is your gift in turn to All That Is. Our full participation in all the experiences of life allows each of us to find integration with the whole of existence, and simultaneously, we will discover our own oneness with every fragment of Creation.


Integration—Acknowledging Our Wholeness

Integration is a natural process in which humans are engaged life-long, from the moment of birth, and perhaps long after we depart from this world. As an infant, one integrates a basic command of the physical body. Through early childhood comes a functional understanding of how to relate with family, and the immediate environment. In adolescence, a person integrates an independent sense of self. And in early adult life one begins to integrate a mature relationship with the world.

The integration process involves a continual discovery of how one is connected and related to ever larger aspects of the entire sphere of existence. This process naturally involves the gradual realization of wholeness within oneself. This process of personal integration occurs as one discovers and unites all the various parts of the self into a consolidated being of body, mind, and spirit.

The more complete a person’s integration becomes, the greater one’s capacity for wisdom, and for compassion, in all the circumstances of life. The whole, and integrated, being is one who has transcended the concerns of mere survival, the priorities of the ego, and the need to live according to the expectations of others. Integration brings healing to the traumas of the past, and mends up the pieces of broken relationships. Integration unlocks the hidden and important potentials which rest in the heart of each individual. Wholeness allows one’s light to shine forth most brightly, and enables a person to appreciate the similar brilliance that radiates from the heart of every other being.

Through integration a person comes to know how no part of oneself, or of one’s experiences, is actually ever separate from the complete whole that is one’s life. In the same way, and at the same time, a person will also naturally understand that no part of our universe—no matter how apparently different, or distinct, it may seem—is ever separate from the whole that is Creation.

It is only through a limited perspective that anything can be experienced as being ‘separate’ from the whole. The idea of ‘separateness’ is completely the result of scarcity consciousness. Scarcity allows us to believe that we are separate from most every other thing, and unaffected by the conditions which exist beyond our most immediate sphere of concerns. Scarcity allows a person to see oneself as being separate from other individuals, other races, other species, separate from our planet, and even from our own freedom.

However, even though our awareness may now allow us to see beyond the veils of scarcity consciousness, our process of integration would not be complete without acknowledging the importance of even this greatest limitation of all. Just like every other circumstance in life, the concept of ‘separateness’ exists to fulfill an important purpose. We can know that purpose only by experiencing separateness in all its dimensions until we have finally learned to appreciate the meaning of this condition—which is the basis for all our other limitations. It is only through integrating all of our experiences—even those that are most restricting—that our journey to freedom and abundance will become ultimately fulfilled.

One Light of All Colors

As a beam of sunlight penetrates between the dark clouds of a storm, that single shaft of light will become refracted and re-focused by the droplets of falling rain. As the light continues on, it will create an arc of soft colors that will stretch across the sky—and the sunlight will take the form of a rainbow.

We could think of a rainbow as one sunbeam’s own adventure into diversity—a single shaft of light allowing itself to be transformed into an entire continuum of distinct rays of color. The rainbow is an opportunity for that original and whole beam of light to know itself through the many distinct and fragmentary expressions that compose the entire luminous spectrum.

However, whether that shaft of sunlight holds its original appearance as a single golden beam, or takes on the form and colors of the rainbow, it remains the same and unchanged at its most basic level. The essence of the light is pure and immutable, no matter what outward form it holds.

The same can be said of any living thing, and this is especially true for humans. External conditions, experiences, and circumstances can change drastically—and yet, what is most essential in any individual will always remain just as pure, just as true. In the same way that you can wear a different suit to work every day and never get confused about who you are, or what your job is—at a deeper level your essential identity never changes, and it cannot be diminished by anything you do.

This was demonstrated to me in the most profound way on one particular evening several years ago. At the time this experience occurred, I was meditating upon the sky. I’ve always loved to watch the sky, both at night and day. There’s something about its great expanse that captivates my attention. To me, the sky is a window to the universe’s infinite vastness, and often when I look at the sky it seems to merely be reflecting those same limitless dimensions that exist within the self—that night it was especially so.

It was a magnificent night—very clear, and there was no moon. The stars were making a show of themselves in the sky. The air was cold. There were a few chirping crickets, but otherwise all was very still. I was fully awake, but my mind was at rest. My full attention was rapt with the luminous splendor that filled the celestial spaces everywhere above me—I was completely in awe of its endless perfection. I was seeing the sky that night as never before. It was as if the sky was revealing to me its very essence—the sheer beauty of what I saw was entirely staggering, beyond anything I had ever noticed previously.

As I lay there blissfully consumed by all I perceived, feeling as if I needed no other thing to make my whole life complete—I slowly became aware that I was having much more than just a visual experience of the stars—I sensed that in an invisible way I was actually being touched by the consciousness of the enveloping cosmos. The sensation was like the most gentle caress that penetrated my entire being—as if all of the universe and I were mutually acknowledging and embracing each other.

There was a complete recognition between us, and it was clear to me that somehow our relationship was very warm and familiar. I was experiencing this vast consciousness as that of a very dear friend. There were no formalities, no pretense. In our relating I was known as my most authentic, unique, and essential self. The mutual respect and appreciation we shared was total, and comfortable beyond all description.

While this interaction was occurring, the consciousness of the cosmos took me on an adventure through the awareness of its own creative blueprint. In an instant I witnessed a process of the conception, birth, maturation, and dissolution of physical matter in all of its simplest and most complex forms.

The universe was showing itself to me as being something absolutely beautiful, and at the same time, magnificently simple. I saw that the cosmos’ own pure consciousness is both the source, and the substance, from which all things take form. Consciousness conceives of a possibility, and simultaneously, consciousness is manifesting that very thing as a reality. The process is instantaneous, and there is no end to the continuous creation of what consciousness can conceive and manifest—its potentials are without limit or bound.

Most striking of all in this experience was the realization that, as everything in Creation is formed from pure consciousness, everything in Creation is alive! Not only the animals and plants, but even minerals, energies, planets, stars, galaxies—all are alive—and on some level all are aware of their collaboration in the immense creative processes of our universe.

Within my awareness the cosmos explained, “Through the vast sum of our experiences with Creation, it is only by our own conscious choices that any of us take on the forms and roles we use for our adventures and exploration. Every single exploit is specifically designed to suit the interests and curiosity of one’s own unique perspective—yet, without exception, the actions of all participants are simultaneously complimentary, benefiting one and all.

"The ultimate motivation for every act in Creation is the grandest level of love for all things—including oneself and one’s own unique perspective. It is through that great love that every possibility becomes manifest. And it is because of that great love that we venture into all the infinite variations of experience imaginable."
As this experience came to a close something happened which, in that moment, was very uncomfortable and difficult for me to understand. At the very end of this interaction, I felt suddenly isolated and alone. In an instant I had gone from the ecstasy of cosmic communion to the experience of being utterly by myself. The change happened so fast it was difficult for me to get my bearings until many minutes later—the contrast was so extreme, I actually wondered if I was losing my mind.

For a few blessed minutes I had known what it is to dance and play with the stars. The feelings which accompanied that experience were enormous and rapturous. During the following minutes all I could feel was my seeming aloneness, and every cubic millimeter of my physical body—skin, muscle, and bone. I was acutely, uncomfortably aware of my heartbeat, and the sensations of drawing my breath through the long fleshy tubes of my nose, throat, and lungs.

It had been so effortless and joyful to experience the boundless dimensions of the cosmic consciousness. It seemed impossible to hold any genuine appreciation for the conditions of my solitary, physical consciousness in that juxtaposition. The differences between those experiences made me wonder which one was more real. From my point of view, I saw no clear way that both of those circumstances could easily co-exist. The disparity made my head hurt even to think about it.

For many months to follow, no part of that experience ever seemed to be very far from my waking awareness. During many of my reflective moments I revisited my memories of that night. Often while I quietly watched the stars pass through the night sky I would touch again upon what I had seen, and felt, and learned. It seemed to me that there was something more for me to understand from the whole experience, but I was at a loss to know what that missing thing might be.

Then one night, while I was again sitting and watching the night sky, I gained an insight into what had previously seemed so confusing to me. On this occasion, just like so many other nights since that rapturous experience, I was waiting and hoping I might revisit that same joyous communion with the stars. I sat outdoors for a long time that night. After several hours I was beginning to let go of my anticipations. For the moment I forgot about trying to recapture my previous experience. I wasn’t struggling to understand anything—all I was doing was appreciating my view of the sky, enjoying how the light of the moon made auras of rainbow light within the mists of the passing clouds.

I was by myself, but I wasn’t at all concerned with my seeming aloneness—in fact, I was feeling very serene and happy in my solitude. In that moment of quiet, in the absence of all my expectations, I felt a great sense of peace. I was feeling thoroughly content just being alone with my experience. With that moment, I felt a happiness and wholeness that I had known for quite some time.

I was touching a level of my awareness that knew no confusion or strife. This was the part of me that had always understood that within the infinite dimensions of my own experience all conditions joyfully co-exist at once. I was touching the part of me that understands the spectrum of my own experiences the same way that the cosmic consciousness understands the totality of Creation itself.

Then, suddenly I felt again the embrace of the stars. Effortlessly, we were together once more—and this time it was clear to me that through all my existence we had never really been apart. It was plain to me that the experience of my distinctness was in no way a contradiction to my experience of being connected with the cosmos. Rather, I was understanding how my distinct individuality and unique point of view allowed me the opportunity to experience the beauty of the universe in a way that could not be replicated through any other means.

Through these events I began to perceive that at the largest levels of my own awareness all perspectives and experiences are known to exist in harmony. From this point of view, I saw that even the most limiting of my conditions was actually my own ideal means of gaining the greatest appreciation for the abundance that composes both my existence, and Creation, in all their infinite dimensions.

It is through our limitations that we come to know our abundance, and it is through our experience of separateness that we come to know the insoluble connection that we share with everyone, and everything, in Creation.
Complete integration within one’s experiences of the self, simultaneously allows the individual to know complete integration with everything in one’s surroundings. To manifest such a degree of integration, is to create a bridge that will take the individual to a completely new level of awareness. To walk that bridge is to transcend all limits and bounds. To touch that new level of awareness is to literally enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

A Bridge to Heaven

Many human beings at some point in their experience have learned about a place known as ‘Heaven’. The word ‘Heaven’ has many different definitions. The most simple definition might be ‘the place where God lives’. We might imagine such a somewhere as a place in which the Divine Presence, Divine Love, and Divine Light pervade everything and everybody. Some opinions might surely differ, however, one thing that many humans would likely agree with is the idea that Heaven is at some location apart from where we are right now.

From an ordinary perspective of things, Heaven might seem to be above us somewhere—separate from where we live, but close enough so God can look down and keep His eye on us. From an ordinary perspective, we might only ever acknowledge Heaven as a distant place, the mere signs of which are things that we believe we cannot reach—the expanse of the sky, the luminary consciousness of the stars, or the ephemeral beauty of a rainbow.
With an ordinary perspective, one cannot hope to comprehend the vastness of the sky. One will never hear the wisdom of the stars. And the rainbows, that form bridges of light between Earth and Heaven, only seem to move away or disappear as we approach them. Heaven and all of its indications appear to be very elusive—that is, with an ordinary point of view.

However, with the benefit of a larger perspective we begin to understand how the dimensions of each being’s own consciousness are infinite—and how that consciousness encompasses and comprehends all things. Each individual’s consciousness is so great that it literally fills the entire sky without any effort, it touches upon every star, and it treads every step of the rainbow’s ‘bridge to Heaven’.

This bridge between Earth and Heaven is literally created within an individual when he or she activates all aspects of his or her awareness by accepting unconditionally all parts of oneself. When this occurs the individual transcends all bonds of limitation, all survivalistic struggles, and all concepts of separation.

The human body is composed with seven major energy centers, or chakras. Each represents a different aspect of consciousness, each with its own unique color from the spectrum of the rainbow. Starting with red at the first chakra through violet at the top, any person can completely recreate this full range of colors that was originally refracted from the beam of golden-white light that bears the essence of his or her being.

Activating the full spectrum of this inner rainbow forms a bridge within one’s awareness that spans between Heaven and Earth. This is a natural achievement for any person who will participate fully in life, by accepting the experience of every moment as the gift it truly is. For such a being, there is no distinction between this world and Heaven, or between any part of Creation and its Source.

In truth, though we have traveled very far through all our great adventures, we never actually left the place from where we initiated our journey. Every place we went was part of our original home. This world and every other place we have visited may have seemed to us to be very unfamiliar, but that was due only to our perspectives—to the conditions and limitations that we chose to carry within our consciousness.

We have traveled across great spans of time and space, but this voyage has taken us away from our original home only through the workings of our consciousness. For in truth, every part of Creation, and certainly all parts of our world, are only aspects of our original home—the place where we began, the place we never left, the place we have always been—Heaven.

Jesus has been said to explain that if we wish to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven that we must again become as children. However, to understand these words more fully is to know that we need not attempt to transform ourselves again into children of our human species, struggling to survive through conformity with the beliefs of scarcity consciousness. No. In order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven we must become again as children in the sense that we learn to live abundantly as the aware children of the cosmos—each one a child of All That Is. With this perspective will we move ourselves completely into the appreciation of all of our circumstances. We will appreciate them so completely because we will have learned to recognize the heavenly qualities of each passing moment, and every situation.

As one then recognizes a connection and identity with That Which Is Most Abundant, the individual has no need to engage in a striving way with any experience or any part of the surrounding world. The Source has been found, nothing else is needed, except perhaps to enjoy one’s contact and interaction with every other aspect of Creation. It is then that the individual begins to re-discover what it is to play—to play like a child of the universe.


Exercise 7 Walking the Bridge to Heaven

This is an exercise which may be done at any time to connect oneself with his or her own perspective of abundance. It can be used as a meditation, or as a way to remain focused and mindfully present during any experience.

This exercise may be done sitting, laying, or walking—whichever way seems most comfortable to the individual. It may be done alone or with others—again this is a matter that is best determined anew for each person at the appropriate moment.

When you are ready to start, begin by taking three slow, deep breaths. Then continue by breathing at a comfortable rhythm, being mindful of all the actions in your respiration.

Next, gently become aware of all the sensations of your physical body. Notice your body position, your posture. Notice the weight of your body where it touches the ground or the chair that is supporting you. Notice the volume of your body. Be aware of your physical surroundings. Without becoming distracted by your environment, notice what is around you and what is near your physical location.

Continue to pay attention to your breathing, and now expand your attention to include an awareness of what is going on inside of your body. Notice any feelings or urges. Without being distracted, be aware of all that is going on within you. Notice how much vitality you feel within. Feel your heartbeat. Be aware of your instincts. Observe it all, and continue to breath mindfully.

Next, expand your awareness to include any thoughts. Without being distracted, notice the activity of your mind. Acknowledge what you observe without struggle, without judgement. Let your thoughts float by like clouds in the wind. Observe your emotions. Acknowledge every feeling and allow each one to flow through your awareness. Gently, watch it all move along, and stay focused upon your breathing.

Now be aware of your heart. Feel the central point of all your consciousness. Breath deeply. Notice your awareness expanding and being focused upon your essence. Feel the core of your being. Acknowledge the place within you that is the source from which all other parts of you emanate. Be aware that this source of consciousness is also the source of every circumstance in your life. It is the source of every experience in your existence.

Know that your essence is separate from nothing else in your life, and no part of your life is separate from it. At the larger levels of your consciousness you are aware of exactly how your essence is the stuff from which all things are made. With such an abundant point of view, there is no difference between what is most essential and what is most concrete. There is no separateness between cause and effect, or Creator and Creation.

Know that through your Larger Self you are truly a rainbow, made of the full spectrum of colors. And in your essence you are a pure beam of golden-white light. Between these two things there are no differences or divisions, except as perceived through one perspective or another. There was no difference at any time in your past, and there will be no difference at any time in your future. In this present moment, your awareness is touching again upon this truth.

Your participation in this experience is your gift to Creation, because all of the universe benefits by your aware involvement in every moment. And you are becoming aware of what it is to hold any and all of your experiences in the very highest regard. Yet, you know also what it is to be attached to none of them. For each moment, and every experience brings this same rapture if you will only allow it—and you know that you cannot fully embrace any experience in any moment unless you have let go of everything else.

Simply continue to be aware of every facet of your experience. Every feeling, every thought, every circumstance—appreciate the full dimensions of every moment. Continue to breath, experience, and appreciate. Breath, experience, and appreciate. Breath, experience, and appreciate.

The Journey does not End

Reaching a truly larger perspective of life is not in any way an end to our adventures in freedom and abundance. In fact, we have made only the very smallest of beginnings.

However, by gaining even a glimpse of our bliss we have set ourselves in motion toward the most magnificent adventures of all. In finding harmony and appreciation for some slightly larger circle of our own experiences we have become prepared to only appreciate ever more and more and more of this Creation.

There are new potentials and wonders which are just now breaking over the eastern edge of the human imagination. This Deep Freedom we have discovered has depth without measure, and our abundance is truly bounty without bound.

This is a time that humankind has long anticipated—like a person who has waited through the long and final hours of the night for the inevitable light of a new day’s sun. We have seen the indications—the signs of dawn are now clearly illuminating the horizons of our awareness.

We know, now, that none of these wonders will become visible to us while we look only outside of ourselves. The way we may know the deepest joy in life is to know the bliss of our own hearts. By finding and loving the entirety of our own selves do we become ready to receive the shining light of our new day.

It is in each person’s own unique way that the fullness of joy and liberty will become known. That is why the words and ideas that have been shared throughout this book are merely a doorway to what lays beyond. What is larger than this book—or for that matter, any words—is what is larger of oneself. Those greater dimensions can only be discovered through the adventures of each one’s own experience.

It is time for us to turn within and find our own Truth. Through knowing and accepting all the dimensions of oneself, each individual will find his or her own essence—and through those same dimensions each will find a connection with the essence of Creation. These are the gifts we have long prepared ourselves to receive. Our genuine gratitude and full participation are the greatest things we could ever offer in return.

As we prepare, now, to go on with our own unique adventures, I ask that I may be allowed to leave you with one final thought. It is only this: You cannot possibly fail in anything You do. Despite your own best efforts and in spite of yourself, You will always succeed—this is because of who You truly are in your own very largest dimensions.

Blessings for your journey, Dear Friend. Blessings and Love.





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