Saturn Conjunct Mars Trine Pluto (June–July 2008)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

Sun at Northern Solstice with Mars Approaching Saturn (June 20, 2008)
(image created using Starry Night software

Mars & Saturn together in Western Sky

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin--just as Pluto aligns with the Galactic Center for the first time in 250 years. All this coinciding with Winter Solstice; the Sun's southern solstice is currently closely aligned with the Galactic Equator and within a short few degrees of it's closest approach to the Galactic Center. The importance of this event is great--perhaps the most significant celestial event of the new century.


Chart for Sun at Northern Solstice (June 20, 2008)
(image created using Io Sprite software

An interesting intersection between modern and ancient spiritual teachings reveal a perspective of the universe, that in the entirety of the cosmos there is only one consciousness--only one heart. A noted authority on this perspective, Joseph Chilton Pearce, points out that the energetic field of the human heart is holographic. According to Chilton-Pearce, the energetic field of the human heart is qualitatively similar to the energetic field surrounding the Earth, also that of the Sun, and identical to the field existing in the synapses of our brains. From this perspective, all knowing is one knowing.

As we behold Pluto aligning with the heart of our galaxy, our relationship to this great cosmic presence is renewed and regenerated. Our hearts together with the fields of our planet and solar system are in resonance with the great heart of our galaxy. With our Sun standing still, our energy and our attention are drawn to the place where we are by nature connected with every other conscious being and with life of the heavens.

This sacred moment provides us a profound initiation. This celestial event marks the place where we begin to know ourselves not only as human, but also as planetary, solar, and galactic beings.

The Heart of Heaven
Beats 'round and within
Orbs of living rhythms
Pulses resonant in

Jubilant reminders of
Connections forgotten
Destiny's potential
Soon unbesotted

Separation, communion
Boundary and bliss
What hides 'tween the stars
Is what hides within

Additionally, with Jupiter's participation in this alignment, there is also a strong potential for the renewal of intent and expansion toward our fullest potentials. This event signals a moment of great opportunities for aligning our attention and aspirations with the abundant energy ever available from the heart of heaven. The Sun's exact conjunction with Jupiter happens on December 22, at 9:56 p.m., Pacific time.


Blessings for your Solstice Journey!


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