Northern Solstice 2008 to 2012 and Beyond

by Anthony J. McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer

Solstice Full Moon Conjunct Pluto and Galactic Center (June 18, 2008)
(image created using Starry Night software

2008 Northern Solstice Full Moon

At the exact moment of the June Full Moon (10:30 a.m. PDT on June 18), the Moon is positioned within a half degree of its crossing of the galactic equator, and less than 1.5 degrees from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This alignment is unusual due to the fact that the Moon's orbit currently brings the Moon to close proximity with the galactic center. A Full Moon aligned this closely with the coordinates of the galactic center is a rare event, one that is only possible for a brief period during each 18.5 year precessional cycle of the lunar orbit. (Note: This lunar cycle takes the Moon as much as 10 degrees above the celestial latitude of the galactic center.)

The Full Moon's conjunction with Pluto happens at 2:37 p.m. PDT the same day. This event is made all the more rare due to Pluto's current close alignment with the galactic center. Pluto aligns with the galactic center only once every 250 years. At the exact time of the Northern Solstice (June 20, 4:59 p.m. PDT), the Sun will be within 1/6th of one degree to an exact opposition with Pluto. This in itself is exceptionally uncommon, and marks Pluto's closest solstice-solar alignment during Pluto's current orbit of our Sun.

This solstice event marks a pivotal moment in a long series of important celestial alignments. As of this time, we stand in the open entry way to a new experience--one which will take us far beyond the boundaries of our current circumstances and expectations. Some clues to our unfolding potentials can be seen in the shape of the celestial events which lay soon before us--those which accompany us on our journey through 2012, and beyond.

2010 Northern Solstice Grand Square

As Pluto permanently enters Capricorn, in late November 2008, a cycle of renewal begins for all the structures in our lives--both inside us and in every aspect of the world surrounding us. Pluto entering Capricorn brings resonances which include greater regenerative potentials in the dynamics of karma. Energies invested in the entrenched shapes of our current experience begin to move and shake off their fixity.

Meanwhile, between 2008 and 2010, Saturn advances from a trine (120 degree) relationship with Pluto toward a square (90 degree) relationship. Saturn moves through Virgo throughout this period. Saturn in Virgo favors all those who work in support of healing and wholeness. This square brings attention to how well the structures of life and society serve the true and original purposes for which they were created. Assertive action assures that rules and regulations do not increase in unhealthy directions or proportions.

Beginning on the date of the United States presidential election (Tuesday, November 4, 2008), Saturn will enter into a series of exact oppositions with Uranus. In total, these exact oppositions will number five, the last occurring on July 26, 2010. This Saturn-Uranus opposition resonates with deep drives toward freedom and self-actualization. The weights of authority and autonomy strike a new balance. The one beholds the truth of the many. Energetic re-evolution is engaged.


Chart for 2010 Northern Solstice Grand Square
(image created using Io Sprite software

This grand square (depicted above) takes shapes as Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries, conjunct the degree of the Vernal Equinox. With the Sun's arrival at its Northern Solstice in 2010 the alignment is fully triggered. All the planets in the grand square occupy positions within cardinal signs, except for Saturn in the late degrees of mutable Virgo. Ultimately, this alignment initiates expansive opportunities to innovate and manifest profound communal creativity. Energy previously tied up in purposes of the passing paradigm, begins to flow more freely. The influence of compassionate and knowing hearts increases in radiance and strength. Brightness illumines the darkest of hidden places. Though confrontation with old fears may be unavoidable, heavenly resources avail themselves to those brave enough to acknowledge the self-evident truth in plain sight.

2012 Uranus Square Pluto

At the time of the 2010 Northern Solstice, Uranus nears an exact square (90 degree) alignment with Pluto. However, this exact alignment is slow in developing. This will be the first square in the current Uranus-Pluto cycle which began in 1965 and '66. This current Uranus-Pluto cycle continues until 2104 (the year of our next Pluto-Uranus conjunction).


Chart for 2012 Northern Solstice Uranus-Pluto Square
(image created using Io Sprite software

The Sun's 2012 Northern Solstice marks the first of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. This series of exact squares lasts until March 2015. These alignments resonate with the time and the consciousness of 50 years before. This 90 degree angle engages the sum of our collective evolution and discovery. This resonance causes a quickening, and questions emerge from deep inside: Where have we been? And where have we arrived?

Also importantly, early in 2012 Neptune makes its re-entry into Pisces (Neptune's ruling sign) after 164 years. E. Alan Meece points out that Neptune's homeward arrival accompanied by Chiron is resonant with humanity's realization of a new global consciousness or "the birth of one human Great Mind related to one Planet Earth."

It is reasonable to observe that such profound changes so near in our future should already be detectable. Anything manifesting with such impact in 2012 may well be sensible by the middle of 2008. Perhaps the change is already present--already subtly moving in our experiences, but not yet obviously available. Whatever this change may be, it is not something that will magically arrive from the stars in 2012. Its seed is something we carry within us. Perhaps that tender young tree has long before sprouted, and what we now witness is the time of its first full bloom.

What is the language of the sky?
How does the tree tell of its dreams?
We have tamed our ears too well to know

Yet the wild rhythms of the Earth
Still beat all around us
And within our pounding hearts
A resonance can be found

That so thoroughly forgotten
Is not lost, only hidden
Its song surrounds the lyric
Of everything we do


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