Jupiter and the Heart of Heaven (Autumn 2008)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

Jupiter on Eastern Edge of Galactic Central Bulge (August–November, 2008)
(image created using Starry Night software www.starrynight.com)

Jupiter and Hunab K'u

For more than a year, the largest planet in our solar system has been transiting the center of our Milky Way galaxy (named Hunab K'u, or "Great Cosmic Mother" by the ancient Maya people). This alignment happens only once every 12 years. While Jupiter hovers on the eastern edge of Hunab K'u, Antares (one of the brightest stars in our sky) holds its permanent position on the western edge of the galactic central bulge. This position of Jupiter affords a breath-taking view of the immense size of the center of our galaxy.

The visible width and breadth of the central portion of our galaxy fills an area more than 5,000 times the apparent size of our moon. Jupiter’s current placement is a beautiful highlight bringing the awareness of attentive viewers to the immense dimensions of the heart of the largest of cosmic beings within which we, her children, all live.

Sky watchers looking south right after dark will witness this incredible sight--even those who live near bright city lights. Jupiter is easily visible as the brightest object in the southern sky. Sharing the southern sky on the western edge of the galactic central bulge is the bright orange star, Antares (Heart of the Scorpion). During late August at dusk, the line between Jupiter and Antares is nearly horizontal, and centered in the south. To locate Antares, face south with your hands together at arms length in front of you. With your left pinky on Jupiter, Antares will be the bright orange star close to your right pinky.

(Note: Later in the evening, or by mid to late September, Jupiter will appear to be higher than Antares and both will be shifted toward the west.)

This alignment is enanced by the fact that Saturn is currently in a highly harmonious trine alignment with Jupiter (harmony between karma, and aspirations toward a higher vision). The New Moon of August 30 (exact at 12:58 p.m. PDT) conjoins with Saturn and also trines Jupiter.

Exact Jupiter-Saturn trines happen five times during 2007 and 2008. The final exact trines happen September 8 and November 21, 2008. These trine alignment are also highly complimentary to Saturn's opposition with Uranus (spiritual insight & innovation seeking balance within existing structures), the first exact Saturn-Uranus opposition will happen on Presidential Election Day (Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 8:33 a.m. Eastern Time).


Chart for August 30, 2008 New Moon Conjunct Saturn
(image created using Io Sprite software www.TimeCycles.com)


Newborn stirring
Delicate touch
Of Mother's embrace

She knows us
To our depths
Her penetrating gaze
And love pervade
All that we do
Wakening our light
And our joy


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