Moon - Pluto - North Node Alignments (Nov-Dec, 2010)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer

Pluto-Moon-North Node Alignments (Nov 9 and Dec 6, 2010)
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Pluto Aligned with Galactic Equator and Lunar Node

During 2010, Pluto makes an exact alignment with the Galactic Equator. This is an event that only happens once in 248 years. Due to the inclination of Pluto's orbit and the current position of the Sun's Southern Solstice, this alignment happens when Pluto is located at slightly more than three degrees of Capricorn. The Moon accentuates this alignment each month as it also aligns with the Galactic Equator.

On November 9, the Moon and Pluto are joined by the North Node of the Lunar orbit. There are two crossing points for the orbits of the Earth and Moon--this is because the Lunar orbit is tilted at a five degree angle relative to Earth's orbital plane. The Lunar orbit and its crossing points (or "nodes") move constantly backward through the sky in a cycle lasting 18.6 years.

At this time, the Sun is approaching its Southern Solstice Point (exact on December 21 at 15:39 Pacific Standard Time), where it will also conjoin Pluto and the North Node. Due to the close alignment of Solstice Sun with the North Node, this year's Solstice Full Moon (Dec 21 at 00:13 Pacific Standard Time) will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse.


Moon with Jupiter & Uranus (Nov 16 and Dec 13, 2010)

(images created using Starry Night software

The orbital node currently aligned with Pluto is called the "North" Node because this is the point where the Moon moves above the orbital plane of the Earth. At this time interestingly, the Moon's orbit reaches its highest elevation above the Earth orbit close to the Vernal Equinox. This orbital relationship is visible during this timeframe when the Moon aligns monthly with Jupiter roughly five degrees above the orbit of Jupiter.

Another name for the North Node is the Head of the Dragon. The North Node is resonant with development of new skills and knowledge, and with the emergence of new patterns in our experience. At this moment, the Dragon's mouth is full-filling with the radiant nectar of our Galactic Source. Her kiss blesses the light of our Solstice Star, infusing our atmosphere with strength that we may see with clarity into the dimensions whence we now emerge.

our challenge -- a New abundance
a new freedom seeking Birth in our experience
our discovery magnifies the Joy of heaven
our flowering is the ever-Renewing bloom
radiance of the Celestial Garden


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