Mars-Venus-Saturn Alignments (June-August, 2010)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer

Mars-Venus-Saturn Alignments (June-August, 2010)
(images created using Starry Night software

Mars and Regulus

During early June 2010, Mars makes a close pass to Regulus (Heart of the Lion). Although this event happens approximately once every two years, during this passage Mars also aligns exactly opposite to Neptune and Chiron. In other words, while we watch Mars making this close alignment with Cor Leonis, Earth will be positioned directly between these bodies and very close to the line connecting them.

Chart for Mars Opposing Neptune and Chiron (June 6, 2010)

(image created using Io Star Sprite software

In an astrological sense, Mars is resonant with initiative, desire, and our power to make choices. Mars is also connected with our capacities for achievement and for struggle.

Neptune has qualities like the energy of living water--it resonates as the ocean of consciousness, itself. It connects all things and all potentials, and it is the container in which all temporal things eventually dissolve. Chiron moves with the energy of both pain and healing--and it vibrates with that which connects all wholeness and all suffering. It resonates with self-inflicted wounds, and with the soul's capacity to reach into and beyond any difficulty. The synergy of Chiron and Neptune brings deeper awareness of how the larger dimensions of existence function within our individual and collective experiences.

Mars in opposition with these two brings the potential for either greater consciousness in our choices--or an increase in our destructiveness. The focus of attention is what makes all the difference. This event is an initiation. It marks a moment when we begin to see more clearly how our priorities effect our circumstances. It brings a new knowing of how the focus of attention feeds the flowering of life and experience.

Mars with Regulus brings a warning not to focus our energy on blaming or thoughts of retribution. The key to this blessing it to recognize how we participate in every relationship and interaction. The realization is to know the connection between where we are now and everything we do. Although we certainly act as individuals, humanity also acts as a collective. You could think of this accurately by picturing humanity as a single entity and look at the events happening around our world as the effects of that being's choices. We no longer live in a time when we can ignore this impact. The time has arrived to recogzine and be responsible for all of what we are doing.

attention is our Power to Bless
the Mother's attending Nurtures our growing
the People's attending Shapes a society
the Stars attend and We Bloom
is the Opposable Thumb of consciousness
it is Time We Take Hold
and Shine

Venus with Regulus

During early July 2010, Venus aligns with Regulus. Similar to the Mars event, Venus will simultaneously oppose Netune and Chiron. Venus in opposition to Neptune brings a resonance to the depths which is evident in the qualitative shape (or energetic vibration) of our experience. Venus is resonant with radiance. Neptune with the Ocean of Consciousness. The opposition asks--how do our Larger Dimensions manifest within the dynamics of our circumstances? Venus raises awareness of everything we are attracting. The lesson is found in recognizing what we are amplifying in our existance. Awareness bring the potential of greater consciousness in our choosing and acting.

Venus is exactly opposite with Neptune on July 8 at 4:56 pm Pacific Daylight time. Regulus makes its closest pass to Regulus on July 10. Regulus (also known as Cor Leonis or, literally, the "Heart of the Lion") favors the energy of healing and forgiveness over anger and vengence. The energy pouring forth from our Larger Dimensions favors our growth toward a higher potential for the thriving of all beings. The Radiant Heart of the Lion resonates with the fractal nature of joy and knowing. Our waking experience is the doorway. Attention is the key turning the lock.

When we behold any beauty
When that beauty touches our depths
There is a connection--a communion
Between what is most essential and perfect
Within and without

That awakening, though momentary
Causes a radiation of appreciation
A movement of love

Then for at least one instant
We know how deeply we are blessed
Our recognition, our gratitude, our radiant joy
Are a blessing in return

Magnifying the light and life of all

Venus-Regulus and the Solar Eclipse

Just as Venus makes her closest approach to Regulus, the Moon prepares for her eclipse of the Sun. The July 11 eclipse event includes a visual alignment of 8 celestial bodies (including Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1). Although the direct view of the eclipse is limited to the southern Pacific Ocean (exact at 12:40 p.m. Pacific daylight time), the main portion of the 8-body celestial alignment continues to be visable for several days as the Moon progresses in her new monthly cycle. In fact, this alignment continues into August when Venus meets with Saturn and Mars.


Solar Eclipse: Visual Alignment of 8 Celestial Bodies (July 11 into August, 2010)
(images created using Starry Night software

This alignment is an event of great energy. That energy is magnified through the synergy of our attention. Due to the length of this celestial event, it is something many of us can experience directly. The more who experience it, the greater the synergistic impact. Our power of attention is our power to bless. We see the blessing--we be the blessing.


Venus, Saturn, and Mars

On August 8, 2010 Venus makes its exact alignment with Saturn. At this moment Saturn is also in a near exact opposition with both Jupiter and Uranus. Additionally, Pluto tightly squares all of these planets from it's position close to the Galactic Equator.

The power of this event is conveyed in part by how rare it is. Jupiter and Uranus conjoin only once in 14 years. Saturn opposes Jupiter once in 20 years. Uranus and Saturn oppose only briefly every 45 years. Pluto is at the Galactic Equator only once in 250 years. Adding to the synergy, this aligment also happens close with the Celestial Directions of West, East, and South. Saturn, Venus and Mars in the West (Autumn Equinox) signal a shift in the way we act and attract within the context of our current experience. Jupiter and Uranus in the East (Spring Equinox) indicate a new insight and new direction arising in the way that we all live and thrive together. Pluto at the South (aligned with Galactic Equator close to the Winter Solstice) brings a renewing and regenerating energy from the womb of our Great Celestial Mother.

This is a time for close attention to what we do together and to the results of our individual and collective actions. This is a time for our birth into a greater level of awareness and more conscious choosing. The mantra for this series of events is, “Conscious action brings us all toward the destiny of radiance.”

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Celetial Blessings to you!

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