Chapter 6:

The Vision of an Eagle


Through this point in our journey, we have discovered the significance of perspective as it relates to Deep Freedom. We have learned how one’s perspective will determine the shape for all of the events in his or her life. Our exploration has revealed that the more harmoniously a person’s consciousness is attuned with one’s heart, the more joyous and free that individual’s experience will be.

The further a person progresses upon this journey the more clearly one sees the direct relationship between the structure of one’s inner world, and the shape for all of one’s experiences in the outer world. That relationship, which connects each person with his or her circumstances in life, is dynamic and rich with meaning that is particular to each individual. Every aspect and interaction of that relationship is consciously designed to bring about the realization of the largest potentials for the self, and the same for any other involved.

The Larger Self always sees this entire inter-relationship with perfect clarity. The Larger Self sees in such a way that It knows there are no real conflicts existing between oneself and any other aspect of Creation. The Larger Self sees in ways that transcend all of the ordinary human ideas related to limitation and survival. The Larger Self sees the essential meaning and purpose in everything. The vision of the Larger Self is like that of an eagle—it is a perception that takes in the entire landscape at once from high above, and yet no fragment escapes its razor sharp sense for detail.

As one progresses upon the journey to Deep Freedom one naturally becomes more and more aware of the vision of the Larger Self. Those larger dimensions of perception come into one’s awareness as a person learns to pay attention to everything that is going on, and yet not struggle with any of the circumstances, thoughts, or feelings that are part of one’s total experience. This ability is preceded by, and based upon, one’s capacity to be non-judgemental, and to live according to the principles of unconditional love. The vision of the Larger Self is known through being utterly and completely in the flow of one’s own experience—and not wrestling with any part of it.

To see with the vision of the Larger Self is to soar like an eagle through all the circumstances of life. That larger perception will bring into focus ever deeper levels of experience which ordinarily remain unobserved. Seeing in detail the relationship of one’s inner and outer worlds will make known the subtle meaning in the all events of life, revealing to the individual the essence of his or her existence.

Extraordinary Perception

Just as the full dimensions of any individual person include much more than what is most superficially apparent, so it is with the dimensions of one’s perception and experience. The Larger Self is capable of dimensions of awareness that far exceed what we think of as ‘ordinary human perception’. Those greater dimensions of perceiving and understanding are active in every human being, and always have been. However, because the larger dimensions of perception are not ordinarily accessible to one’s waking awareness, human beings often dismiss those larger dimensions of perception as being imaginary, or unimportant.

However, the perception of the Larger Self is very real, and its dimensions are vast. Those abilities allow one’s Larger Self to immediately discern the essence of any situation, including relevant events from distant times and places. The Larger Self is aware of every circumstance that has ever effected the individual, since the very beginning of one’s existence. The Larger Self knows the details and meanings of every relationship and interaction, no matter how insignificant it may have seemed to one’s ‘ordinary’ awareness.

The Larger Self experiences all the events of life in ways that go well beyond all the usual limits of awareness. The Larger Self experiences the depths of every sensation and feeling. Its awareness spans dimensions of light, sound, touch, and movement that are infinitely broader than what is felt through the limited spectrum of sensation to which humans seem most accustomed.

The Larger Self is aware of the source of every thought, and the motivation for every action. The Larger Self is aware of every belief that holds importance within one’s perspective. The Larger Self is aware of every concern that has ever touched one’s consciousness, as well as the deepest reasons that underlie them all.

The Larger Self knows the infinite depths of one’s potential. It is aware of how all of one’s circumstances are designed to fulfill the aims of one’s own largest levels of intent. The Larger Self knows that everything composing the individual, including every limitation, is present specifically to bring about the realization of what is greatest and truest within oneself.

Though the vision of the Larger Self is always active within every human being, an individual will experience those dimensions of perception only according to the degree allowed by his or her perspective. In other words, all of one’s current beliefs, and everything composing the individual’s current sphere of consciousness, is what determines how much a person will experience of the larger levels of awareness, as well as, the larger dimensions of the self.

A most important reason that the larger dimensions of perception are not commonly experienced is most humans believe that such awareness is too wondrous, or too extraordinary, to be within their capabilities. Always it is according to our beliefs that our experiences are shaped. Our level of awareness is dependent upon what we, as individuals, presently expect can be known. As each of us becomes less limiting with his or her expectations for what is available through all the resources of perception, our own awareness will naturally open to larger potentials of sensing and knowing.

Throughout the ages there have always been individuals who have demonstrated great access to the larger levels of awareness. Within indigenous cultures such persons are known as shaman, medicine people, prophets, and seers. In modern culture they are also known by many names, including: mystics, mediums, psychics, healers, explorers, theorists, artists, musicians, poets, etc.

The larger dimension of perception may become known through many different types of experience, and are available to every person in ways that are particular and appropriate to the individual. No matter from what culture, or background, all individuals who frequently experience the larger dimensions of perception have one thing in common: they all have learned to appreciate and glean wisdom from their experience where others may not expect to find it, and in ways not ordinarily considered possible.

A simple process that can be used to grow such an ‘appreciation’, begins by developing a sense of awe and wonder for the levels of awareness that are already present within one’s experience. Indeed, the ‘ordinary’ levels of awareness are just as much a miracle as any other. The only difference between the ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ dimensions of perception is that it is easiest to take for granted that which seems most familiar.

Lacking appreciation for any gift will serve to limit how useful it may be. By paying close attention to the extraordinary qualities that exist within one’s current dimensions of perception, a person can begin to acknowledge and appreciate the gifts of awareness that are continually present in every moment of his or her experience. This activity will cause the individual to let go of expectations that limit the experience of what may be known, allowing him or her to have an authentic experience of knowing.

Exercise 6a Your Own Extraordinary Perception

In indigenous cultures the people who have the greatest access to extraordinary perception are often known as ‘shaman’. They are people who know how to derive meaningful information from the widest range of possible sources. They understand what is being subtly communicated by every circumstance in life. They know intimately the Earth, the elements, the stars, and every source of timeless wisdom.

Every human has a similarly expansive range of perceptual abilities, though most of us are not at all aware of this fact. These abilities remain latent to a person’s waking awareness until one’s perspective allows for the expansion of his or her attention. Manifesting such abilities is less a process of acquiring new skills, than a process of acknowledging what is already naturally present.

A person who develops his or her awareness to such a degree is a person who has learned to take nothing for granted. This individual knows that every experience is, in some way, miraculous. This is a person who is able to appreciate the wonders of each present moment with a deep sense of awe.

The simplest approach for gaining such a perspective is to engage yourself in experiences that evoke your sense of wonder and awe. Such experiences may be found in any activity which makes you feel most alive. Your own experience of wonder might most easily be found in music, art, nature, sports, science, literature, metaphysics—pick any experience that seems most likely to set your spirit free.

My favorite setting for such experiences is nature. I make time every day to go outside and enjoy my natural surroundings, even if it is only to look at the trees or sky for a few minutes. In my short retreats to the outdoors I find peace and stillness—I find my center, my bliss, my heart. Being in the places that I find so restful and nurturing, I become most open to seeing my surroundings in a way that evokes in me a sense of awe.

While in a state of awe, I find myself most available to my own ‘extraordinary’ perception. Those moments I spend being awake to what is wondrous in my experience, have the effect of opening my awareness to new insights concerning the directions and circumstances of my life. Through those insights I find a real experience of the truth and beauty that is the essence of both my inner and outer worlds.

This exercise is very simple. Take at least twenty minutes today and invest that time in something that evokes in you a sense of wonder, and awe. Allow the wisdom, beauty, and balance of your wondrous world to call forth those same qualities that exist in yourself. The essence of the world is ever ready to evoke in you an experience of your essence. Let the larger dimensions of your surroundings expand your perception and experience. This is something that every human is always capable of doing—one need only acknowledge that the potential exists, and then allow it to happen.


The Soaring Eagle

For an eagle, the ability to soar with the wind is certainly not complete by the time he hatches into this world. Though the eagle is born with wings, and will naturally develop an ability to fly, soaring is a skill that must be developed through much practice, by learning how to feel the wind, and to flow with it.
Indeed, the new-born eagle’s first experiences of the wind only make him shiver and long to bury his face in his mother’s downy breast. To a new-born eagle the wind is a cold, hollow sound that seems to oppose his comfort and well-being.

Even months later, when the eagle first begins to fly, he will still not have learned to fully appreciate the wind. The wind may actually seem unfriendly to the fledgling. It will blow him in directions that he won’t want to go. It will make his landings difficult. It will ruffle his feathers, and it will howl ferociously in almost all of the places where the eagle likes to spend his time.

Though the eagle’s earliest impressions of the wind may be less than completely favorable, a newly fledged eagle learns quickly that there is little benefit in fighting with the movements of the air. He sees how tiring and unproductive it is to fly against the wind, and he sees how effortless and swiftly he can move when he goes with it. Through trial and error, and trial and success, the eagle learns that his long wings and broad feathers are much better designed for riding the wind, than for flapping through it.

Climbing is the phase of flight where an eagle might easily expend the largest amount of his energy. However this would be impractical, for all of the eagle’s precious reserves of energy are needed for hunting. The eagle cannot afford the luxury of wasting any of his energy.

A maturing eagle develops a sense of how to use his energy in cooperation with the movements of the air. He learns to detect the most subtle rising currents, and how to circle within them allowing the wind to lift him, like an elevator. Before long the eagle understands that even the most ferocious wind, that once only annoyed him and ruffled his feathers, can carry him the highest of all. This happens when the eagle learns to ride the roaring wind along the ridges, allowing himself to climb effortlessly to the greatest of heights.

The eagle will learn to soar only by learning to feel and appreciated all the movements of the air. A soaring eagle is an eagle who has learned to flow with the wind, and not struggle with it. By holding such wisdom the eagle is effortlessly able to allow the wind to take him to the places where his gifts may be utilized to their greatest potentials.

Soaring high with the wind lets the eagle make the best use of his speed, strength, and razor sharp vision. From high above the eagle is able to see the smallest details. His place of perspective enables him to take in the entire landscape at once, while his precise sense of sight allows him to discern all the important opportunities that exist for him in the world below. Being so high, he is free to pursue anything he chooses. Being able to feel and flow with the wind allows the eagle to bring alive the greatest expression of himself; the expression of his essence.

The lessons of the eagle are very similar to the lessons to be learned at this stage of our journey to Deep Freedom. The larger dimensions of perception are found through learning not to struggle with one’s circumstances, but to let every experience flow through one’s awareness allowing each moment to reveal its deepest meaning and purpose. When a person learns to ride along effortlessly with the currents of life, the individual can naturally allow that movement to take him or her to the heights of awareness—to places where one will perceive the circumstances of life through the eyes of the Larger Self.

Riding the Winds of Experience

Abundance brings forth possibilities which are infinitely beyond the limits of our most common human expectations. With abundance, we begin to transcend all the familiar ideas and assumptions that have served to define and limit our existence. Even through our imaginations we may not yet comprehend those immense possibilities. The potentials are endless, and their dimensions defy circumscription.

Just as there is much more to the self than what meets the eye, there is also more to one’s existence than what is obvious in any one life. There is so much more to the experience of life than what is comprehended through any perspective made of limited expectations. The full dimensions of one’s larger existence may stretch across vast dimensions of time and space, to other ages and other worlds.

To know more of one’s own larger experience and existence, a person need not adopt any ideas like reincarnation, or beliefs in life beyond the immediate. It is enough to simply realize that the most commonly accepted ideas about the dimensions of existence are limited just like the scarcity-oriented ideas we commonly hold of our world. With openness to larger possibilities, larger understandings eventually emerge. At this point, it is merely important to understand there are more abundant potentials for life than one might expect, just as there are larger possibilities for human freedom than what is contained within the potentials of scarcity consciousness.
The following example includes events from my own life that have illustrated clearly to me how a true experience of abundance consciousness goes far beyond even my greatest expectations.

Only a couple of years ago, I began to have strong experiences of memories and feelings that did not seem to have any identifiable source in my present life. The information came to me through dreams, feelings, visions, and all types of synchronistic events. The experiences were both archetypal, as if from some very old deep unconscious place, and yet, they had important concrete meaning that has proved profoundly helpful for my personal growth.

The most frequent and powerful feeling of these experiences was a sense of being terribly oppressed, or enslaved, by the circumstances of my life. At times the experiences were very painful. In some instances, I had feelings of being trapped, like a helpless animal caught in a snare. A few of the experiences seemed so real, and so strong, I started to question my sense of security. Compounding the situation, I was really struggling with a number of personal issues at that time: I had just gone through a divorce, I was having lots of concerns about money, and I was in turmoil over the slow progress of my career.

It was in that period of time that I became friends with a person named Tiger Windwalker. Tiger is partly descended from Cherokee ancestry. He is a person who lives according to a strong relationship that he has developed with his natural surroundings—and he is extremely good at assisting people in the process of opening up to their own larger experiences of life.

Not long after Tiger and I became acquainted, he suggested that I might benefit by seeking clarification of my situation through a process that included purification, ceremony, prayer, and meditation. I knew something about what he was recommending, and in my own way, I was very familiar with the process. It seemed to be no accident that I had come to know a person as knowledgeable and compassionate as Tiger. I accepted his suggestions as a gift, and through the next several months I spent a lot of time with this friend, and on many occasions his help was invaluable.

Step by step, I was putting into place many pieces of my puzzling circumstances. I was understanding how my feelings of oppression, were being expressed through the situations in my life that seemed to be beyond my control. The struggles of my inner world were being reflected to me in the struggles of my outer experience. I was seeing things more clearly and I had the feeling that I was gradually making progress.

However, on several occasions just when I felt very close to touching upon the very source of my issues, I found myself suddenly experiencing great emotional resistance and apprehension. It felt to me that deep in my mind there was some kind of insurmountable paradox; it seemed that by attempting to bring it to the surface, I might expose myself to some potential harm or danger.

After several bouts with the same feelings always getting the same unsettling result, I was developing a sense of reluctance—wanting to avoid the pain and uncertainty of that experience. The whole thing was beginning to seem too big, too all-pervading, and too miserable for me to handle. Part of me began to feel defeated and unsure. I was beginning to wonder if I was not up against something that was too overwhelming for me. I thought that I should just be grateful I had survived, so far, with all my wits intact. I had to wonder if some limits upon my awareness were not simply practical. Perhaps I was venturing into some place that was better left alone. I was getting ready to acknowledge discretion as the better part of valor. Even though I believed I had done the right thing by exploring my inner world, I had become almost ready to accept that some of my restrictions were better left unchallenged.

Then, something inside me began to stir. It was a reassuring feeling. It told me that, while my feelings of humility and apprehension were understandable, I need not become discouraged and abandon my process. This feeling of reassurance suggested that I should be patient, and not discontinue my quest until I found what I was seeking. The message suggested to me that I needed only trust in what I had already personally found to be true, and allow the rest to unfold in what was still to come.

Only a few days later, my journey took a surprising turn. I met with Tiger for a ceremony and some meditation. Shortly into the meditation I began to experience again those disturbing feelings of oppression that seemed to be the root cause of my discomfort. Immediately, I felt my apprehension rising and I had the impulse to defend myself. However, in that same moment, I sensed another feeling—it suggested to me that I was being presented with an opportunity, and I had to make a choice between two different courses of action. Either I could acknowledge the feelings, possibly allowing myself to gain a new perspective of my circumstances. Or, I could choose to avoid those feelings, maintaining my sense of comfort and security. The choice was mine alone. Intuitively, I knew that I could take either direction at my own discretion.

Through the previous months I had discovered a few helpful facts about my earlier experiences. First, due to the intensity of those previous experiences I had always become over-identified, and carried away, with the strong energy of my feelings. I allowed myself to become paralyzed in those experiences by choosing to defend myself against the discomfort of what I was feeling. I felt trapped in those situations because I failed to recognize that my feelings, though very discomforting, were simply the energetic carrier of important information intended to help me see more clearly the dynamics of my life.

Secondly, in those previous encounters, I had neglected to ask for help when I really could have used it. I made the mistake of not recognizing that I could benefit from the added love and support of a fellow journeyer when I started to feel lost. Instead I had thought, “These are my messy feelings, and I’ll just have to sort them all out on my own.” Since those earlier experiences, I had learned that my desire to be overly self-reliant was not serving me. By this time, I knew that my choice not to ask for help was actually due to feeling embarrassed and being unsure about how to express my need for help.

I had learned my lessons well, and this time I was suitably prepared. Knowing my choices and the possible consequences of each one, I decided it was most appropriate to acknowledge my foreboding feelings, and listen closely to them for the information they carried. I gave Tiger a brief explanation, and I asked that he simply be present with me during my experience for support. He agreed.

I began by acknowledging the energy of those oppressive feelings. The energy was strong. It evoked emotions that were heavy and dark, even beyond the point of being terrifying. I breathed deeply, allowing the energy to flow. My discomfort was intense, and so was my apprehension—but, I continued, and breathed even deeper. I didn’t struggle this time, and instead I was experiencing these feelings in a new way.

I began to see images from another place and time, of people suffering in bondage; they were imprisoned as much by their own feelings of hopelessness as by their circumstances. I could feel how their lives had become immersed in pain and despair. Within them was a sense of agony from knowing how hate and oppression constantly fed upon one another, creating ever more distance between their existence of bare survival and any semblance of sweet, centered peace. There were also feelings of compassion for others—loved ones who were there together in that same situation. Each individual was struggling to be supportive of every other, even though death itself seemed not nearly so terrible as the malignancy in their lives of miserable minimal survival.

For the first time, I was experiencing the information contained within these most dreaded of my feelings. That revelation was more painful than any experience I have ever known in this life. I was intentionally using every tool at my conscious disposal to remain open and focused upon my experience. I felt. I acknowledged. I listened.

Intuitively, I knew this experience had come to reveal something very important to me. So, in the midst of my pain and tears I asked, “What have you come to teach me?” Right then, while great sensations of pain still flowed throughout my body, the most incredible thing occurred. Simultaneously, along with all the pain, I began to feel the most profound sensations of joy and love that I had ever known. The feelings of joy were absolutely rapturous! The sensations of both pain and joy were more intense than anything I thought imaginable. I acknowledged everything I was feeling—now, through tears of joy which were more profuse than all my tears of pain.

While feelings of both intense pain and ecstasy were flowing concurrently, I received directly and clearly an intuitive sense of the meaning contained in my experience. My consciousness, already full with the awareness of all those feelings, was filled again with a silent voice which said, “In your own unique way, and through your own unique experience, you have accomplished what is necessary to know the essence of what was brought here long ago by the one whom you know as the Christ. What He brought to this world was not just a teaching of words and ideas, but the potential that you might live as He lives, love in the same way that He loves, and know the things which He knows.

“What He accomplished through all the actions of His earthly existence, was to demonstrate the abundant power of unconditional love to transcend the restrictions of any experience, even the most painful. Through the dimensions of your own experience you have allowed yourself to appreciate the depths of that message. You have touched the true power of love to connect, contain, and bring wholeness to all things. This is a blessing which all humans may choose for themselves by becoming open to the love that is found within their own hearts. This blessing is for all beings who sincerely wish to know, and authentically love, the totality of all that they truly are.”

As this revelation came to me, I was able to perceive the complete purpose and meaning of all those feelings that previously had seemed so distressing to me. Suddenly, it was clear how those feelings had been the vehicle for my growth. Through great lengths of time, they were suspended within my consciousness, waiting patiently for the appropriate time when I would finally know how to acknowledge them. The presence of those feelings in my experience was a true expression of love. I felt and voiced my deepest gratitude, for all the magnificent gifts I had been given.

In that moment, I came to clearly see how every element of my circumstances had played a critical role in the unfoldment of this important piece of my life. Not one aspect of my experience had been either insignificant, or accidental. The true meaning and purpose of my circumstances became revealed only when I had become unconditionally ready to receive it. That readiness occurred when I finally stopped struggling with my experiences—stopped trying to make my circumstances conform to my expectations.

It was by placing more value upon my experience than upon my limited expectations, that I became available to know what was more abundantly true of my situation. In knowing the larger dimensions of my experience, I allowed my circumstances to reflect to me a larger awareness of myself. In finding the essence of my experience, I also found the essence of my life.

Taking hold of the perception of the Larger Self is accomplished by being authentically open to one’s own complete experience; by embracing even one’s most challenging feelings, including confusion, vulnerability, and discomfort. When a human being gratefully accepts the totality of his or her experience—discomforts and all—that person becomes able to transcend any limitation or suffering in life.

With the vision of the Larger Self, we begin to see that limitation and suffering do not exist ultimately for their own sake. Limitation and suffering only hold a place in our experience for the purpose of our growth. Through a person’s full participation in all the experiences of life, one comes to know the essence of all things. Only in knowing the essence of all things does one come to fully know the essence of oneself.


Moving Gracefully Beyond Struggle

A human being will usually struggle with any discomforting circumstance when he or she does not yet know the meaning and value of what is being confronted. Knowing some things about scarcity consciousness, it’s easy for us to now understand how our concerns with survival can cause us to wrestle with any experience which even remotely threatens our own sense of comfort or security. A sense of lack makes it logical to believe that only through great efforts can we hope to survive in this life.

With abundance consciousness, all the particulars of life and identity, including all our pertinent hardships, begin to take on quite a different appearance. With abundance, the circumstances of existence can be seen as opportunities to be explored, rather than adversities to be overcome. Through the consciousness of abundance, we can naturally let go of the need to struggle, and instead, we will come to understand the meaning of grace.
The word ‘grace’ has taken on many meanings over the course of time, including: elegance, pleasantness, and goodwill to name only a few. The meaning of grace that is most important for our purposes is simply—the experience of perceiving the elegance, pleasantness, and goodwill of any circumstance—not through struggle, but by allowing that circumstance to reveal its own essence. The abundant ability to allow the conditions of life to reveal their appropriateness and meaning, is the ability to find beauty and perfection in any situation. And most importantly, finding the essence of one’s experience is to see the reflection of one’s own essence in the looking glass of life.

Grace holds potentials that are infinitely more powerful than anything one could accomplish through raw effort. In the words of Robert Coon, “An instant of grace can wash away eons of ignorant actions.” Grace will reveal the most miraculous and magical characteristics of one’s experiences, and of oneself. With an abundant perspective a person may effortlessly, gracefully come to realize the perfection of his or her whole existence.

Exercise 6b Beyond Struggle, through Grace

It may be clear by now, that one does not easily move beyond anything by fighting against it. The effortless way to transcend any circumstance is through acknowledgment, gratitude, and unconditional love. This is true even for the greatest of adversities.

This exercise is best used when you feel like you are making little progress with an issue, feeling as if you were stuck somehow. Such experiences can be very challenging, even frustrating, seeming to demand much energy and patience. It is at those times when all of one’s best efforts have seemed to fail, that a person becomes most ready to discover the wisdom that is only known through serenity, and grace.

It is important to note that feelings of being stuck frequently correspond with a situation of being on the brink of some important new insight, or being ready to move on to an entirely new level of self-discovery. Transcendent realizations, are often born of transcendent choices. Allowing oneself the experience of grace is most certainly such a choice.

If, and when, it seems appropriate, please enlist the support of others in such a situation. An ideal helper is a person capable of being present for you, and yet not interfering with your process. Be honest and clear with any helper about what you need from him or her.

Begin by getting comfortable in a quiet place. Allow your body to relax. Attend mindfully to your breathing. Allow yourself all the time needed to bring your consciousness to a state of restful, quiet awareness.

Be aware that all of your expectations and prejudiced beliefs regarding the meaning of your circumstances may have little, or no, importance to the real purpose of your experience. Be available to your experience, and be ready to acknowledge whatever comes to you. Be aware also that you may safely conclude this exercise, at any time, simply by bringing your awareness back to its original restful, quiet state.

When you feel completely ready, allow the relevant issue(s) to be present in your awareness. Acknowledge what you are experiencing. Acknowledge the issue, the thoughts, the feelings. Pay attention to anything that comes into your awareness as you engage with the energy of this circumstance.

Continue to be very mindful of your breathing. Deep and focused breathing can help immensely during the experience of intense feelings—the breathing helps a person to allow the even flow of the energy, even through great physical pain.

When you feel that you have appropriately acknowledged all aspects of the issue, if appropriate, express any thoughts or questions that this experience seems to evoke. Acknowledge every question, every answer, every feeling, and every message contained therein. Feel. Acknowledge. Listen.

If you find yourself becoming agitated by your experience, or struggling in any way, acknowledge your agitation, or your struggle, and any related feelings. Breath deeply and mindfully. Allow all the energy to simply flow through your body and your awareness. Acknowledge all the feelings. Acknowledge everything your receive. Allow the energy to flow. Allow your awareness to be informed and expanded by your experience. Express anything that seems appropriate, including your feelings of appreciation.

When you feel it is time to end, begin to conclude your experience by bringing your awareness again to a state of restful quiet. Focus on your breathing. Take several deep, slow breaths. Gently allow your awareness to return to a normal state before getting up or engaging in any strenuous activity.


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