Saturn and Uranus in 2003
Gateway to the Inner Cosmos

by Anthony J. McGettigan


Part 2: Inner Relativity

The last time Saturn trined Uranus during a sign change was in 1912 to 1914. This was the time when Einstein was perfecting and first articulating his theory of General Relativity.

Einstein's General Relativity revealed a great deal about the relationships existing between all heavenly bodies and the fabric of space-time. Obviously, many innovations have been developed based on the the insights of Einstein since the early 20th century.

If such profound interrelationships exist between all aspects of our surrounding cosmos, perhaps Einstein's observations provide us a clue about a deeper relativity which includes everything that's going on inside of us. Perhaps we are about to discover a relativity that encompasses the wonders of the inner world.

Albert Einstein said it this way, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Is human consciousness not such a miracle? What is this process of vitality and perception that allows us to behold the universe and recognize our place within it? As Alan Watts said, "Every inside has an outside." If we can see the greatness and togetherness of what surrounds us, does that not reveal something about what each of us holds within?

Perhaps the simplest way to observe how our insides and outsides are interrelated is to recognize that the spaces between the atoms and molecules of our own bodies are continuous with the space of the cosmos. The cosmos does not begin or end at the boundary of our planet's atmosphere, neither does it begin or end at the boundary of one's epidermis.

The universe around us is a marvel and a miracle. This miracle extends also to the depths and details of our very own being, knowing, and doing. Between everything we behold around us and everything we feel within, there is a resonance and interdependence. The universe we see is the universe we are. The miracle we find everywhere enveloping us and the miracle of our own consciousness are not two wonders, but one.

One potential effect of this Saturn-trine-Uranus event is that we will gain a new insight about the permeability of our boundaries--to understand how we, as individuals, are mutually interpenetrated with everything that's happening around us. This period of time is a gateway--an entry point--to a clearer understanding of the truth of what and where we are. This is an opening to new awareness, new abilities, and new responsibilities. What we discover now will become the new foundation for the innovations that we must create in order to thrive together in a new century and a new world.


Part 3: Summer Solstice 2003


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