Saturn and Uranus in 2003
Gateway to the Inner Cosmos

by Anthony J. McGettigan


Part 3: Summer Solstice 2003


At the time of Summer Solstice, as the Sun enters Cancer (June 21 at 12:10 pm PDT), the Sun will simultaneously conjunct Saturn and trine Uranus. The Sun's conjunction with Saturn will be exact on June 24th at 6:38 am PDT. The Sun's trine with Uranus will be exact approximately 90 minutes later, at 8:05 am PDT. The Saturn-Uranus trine will be exact on June 24th, at 4:22 pm PDT. Mars will also be involved in the event, closely aligned with Uranus.

These events are part of a larger pattern which began with an initial trine between Saturn and Uranus on August 21, 2002. There was a second trine between these planets on December 16, 2002. Although June 24 (2003) will mark the last exact trine between Saturn and Uranus for many years, we will feel an echo of this event in Spring 2004 when Saturn nears the end of its retrograde cycle.

During the period from Summer 2002 through Spring 2004, we will have profound opportunities to gain clarity about our destiny, purpose, and path. This period is a time that is highly favorable for making transitions and course corrections in our individual and collective adventures. Conditions are likely to support changes that move us closer to the realization of our true potentials.

During the time surrounding the 2003 Summer Solstice, bold and innovative actions are likely to lead toward the realization of latent brilliance. Insights into the nature and structure of karma are likely. Liberation from old patterns and transcendence of personal and collective limitations are strong themes into early 2004.

Wise observers should be aware that propaganda is a tool likely to be employed by those who intend to distract us from the profound opportunities at hand. As we can presently witness, such efforts may extend toward the fomenting of strife between people of differing cultures and perspectives. We cannot help but be aware of these divisive efforts, but we will simultaneously benefit ourselves greatly by devoting the greater portion of our attention toward the transformational realizations propagating within our own experience.

The period from 1912-1914 is marked not only by the articulation of Einstein's theory of General Relativity, but also by the events which led to the start of World War I. There is nothing in the composition of past or present cosmic events which necessitate strife or war in any form. A descent into violence would not arise as a result of the cosmic potentials we currently face, but rather, in spite of them.

We have a profound opportunity emerging in the midst of our present circumstances--an opportunity to recognize how our insides and outsides are working together as part of a single marvelous and miraculous process. We stand upon a threshold--an entry to a new depth and richness of experience. If we can receive it, a great blessing is ready to pour itself through us. May each of us, in our own way, join our attention to the brilliance that shines throughout the living cosmos. May we recognize our inseparability from the aliveness that shines at once from the depth of our very being, and from the depth of all that is.


Part 1: Saturn Trine Uranus

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