Full Moon-Saturn-Mars Alignment (March 29, 2010)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer

Full Moon-Saturn-Mars Alignment (March 29, 2010)
(image created using Starry Night software www.starrynight.com)

Moon, Saturn & Mars

The Full Moon will be exactly opposite the Sun at 7:25 pm Pacific time on Monday, March 29. This Full Moon will happen close to the position of Saturn. This event also highlights Mars’ alignment with Sirius and Procyon. Observers will be able to see Mars high overhead after Moonrise, forming a straight line with Procyon and Sirius (see illustration above).

As the first Full Moon since the Equinox, this alignment signals an unfolding series of events effecting qualities of personal and social structure related to Saturn (such as: patterns of karma, social institutions, also sense of direction and purpose). In the coming months Saturn makes a number of significant celestial alignments including a conjunction with Mars and Venus in early August 2010. Attentive skywatchers will observe Mars getting closer with Saturn week by week.

As of the last week in March 2010, Mars and Saturn are approximately 60 degrees apart, requiring the Moon to travel 5 days to cover the distance. By the end of April, the distance is roughly 45 degrees. By the end of May roughly 30 degrees.

Venus-Saturn-Mars Conjunction (August 5, 2010)

(image created using Starry Night software www.starrynight.com)

Structural Patterns Shifting

The energy of these events presents an opportunity to see our situation and our actions with clarity—and to experience the impact of making more conscious choices. The mantra for this series of events is, “Conscious action brings us all toward the destiny of radiance.”

More details on these alignments will follow.

Full Moon Blessings.

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